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derpyandfriends asked:

Trauma: Combat skills do you have?

Marshal: Well, I have been trained i taikwan-do, which i learned in the year 2049.. i think. ^^’

I am learning Chi manipulation, from a very good Sayan Tutor i know.

And, as backup, a multifunction lazer pistol.

So i’m pretty good in combat, and you have to be when your a time traveller.

*btw, i would’ve done a pic to answer but I’ve had some software trouble. I might do it later on. ^^*

A little note for my followers..

Due to unforseen circumstances, some unfinished work offsite and on other sites (and due to unusual temporal turbulnce) I may be a little while in putting up some new pics, but all questions are appreciated and i wouldn’t mind hearing from anyone. ^^

Marshal: On a further note, i have a friend whos started a questions blog on here.

So.. see ya on the other side! (of this time storm. =_= )

Or will i?

that awquard moment....

  • Marshal:

    *hitting the tardis console*

  • Tardis:

    *Engines whine as it plumets through the sky*

  • Marshal:

    Whats the matter with you? YOu haven't even touched anything!

  • Tardis:

    *rock violently, the cloister bell begins to ring*

  • Marshal:

    *facepalm* Oh great, what is it this time? *brings up the display*

  • Tardis:

    *the display shows two objects flying close to the tardis*

  • Marshal:

    Eh? What the heck could be flying so close to us without me hearing? *walks over to the doors and peeks outside and spots two flying creatures*

  • Creature 1:

    *spots him looking towards them* HEY! Theres something inside there! *calling over to the other one*

  • Creature 2:

    WHAT? *looks at marshal*

  • Marshal:

    *swiftly locks the doors and tried the brake lever again*

  • tardis:

    *the lever sends a hurrendous squeel throughout the tardis, making it judder as the langind engines begin to whine and groan*

  • Marshal:

    *wiping the sweat from his face* Damn it why do you have to make a dramatic entry every time?

  • Tardis:

    *one last clunk before it goes silent, the cloister bell is still tolling in the background*

  • Marshal:

    *hears the bell and reads the diagnostics* Power failure eh? *clicks something on the console* give that about 8 hours to fix and then we're off again.

  • *turns to the doors again* I wonder if those things i saw were rally what i think they were...

  • *approaches the doors and hears voices outside...*

  • Marshal:

    *takes a deep breath and opens the doors, partially blinded by sunlight. He steps out and finds himself face to face with the largest creature that was flying with the tardis*

  • Creature:

    YOu... you're not like us... You're...

  • Marshal:

    *shocked* Um.. oh eck.. *looks closely at the creature* YOu.. i know you from somewhere!

  • Creature:

    However do you mean? From what i can see of you Your kinda are what we see in zoos eating bananas!

  • Marshal:

    Well, Luna, its not my fault i look like this, heck its not even my fault i'm here! Besides if you didn't fly so close to me then i would've been able to land properly, without a near crash!

  • Luna:

    I was not aware you could control that.. thing. I was merely curious as to what it was.

  • *a smaller creature approaches them*

  • Creature:

    Hey luna! Whos the.... what the.... *stops and stares at him*

  • Marshal:

    *Stares back* .........i have a feeling i know where i am now...

  • Creature:

    OH yeah? HOw do you figure?

  • Luna:

    You have little in common with us, i would've thought that was clear by now.

  • Marshal:

    Excuse me one second...*walks back inside the tardis'

  • *walks up to the console and sets up the scanner*

  • tardis:

    *the scanner shows huge mountain ranges all around, one with a huge caslte complex built into the side of it, with many large towns here and there*

  • Marshal:

    eeyup. Its official...

  • i've just landed in equestria!

  • ...

  • Suprised?

  • Interested?

  • Want to hear how it continues?

  • Or just wanting me to finish so you can get back to your cookies?

A note from Marshal…

"um.. is this thing on? *taps the microphone* oh yeah… *clears throat*

Since i don’t know where i’ll be going when i pass through these wormholes, I thought I’d leave these little voice messages to keep tabs on things.

Right now I have the tardis in orbit around the planet I have been sent to first.

Its odd, this planet has a similar time-scale to Earth, but there seems to be absolutely no technology at all. No radio transmitions, not even a telephone….

Very strange.

Oh? *scanner begins to bleep* Whats this? *the tardis begins to rock violently*

oh my… oh eck!

Um, i might have to cut this message short………………… I’ll leave another one when I get to the ground! “

Whats causing the problems to the tardis?
Where had the wormhole sent him?

Find out next time!

And… who keep eating my last muffin?

I think i should’ve warned you… ^^’

Marshal didn’t have a camera at the time of his first wormhole incident, so he’s going to try painting what he remembers of the time.

Artists note: Trust me, he ain’t the best painter in the world, so don’t complain to me if his work isn’t good enough. *chuckles*

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